Catching My Breath by Brittany Thompson

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Do you know how freak’n powerful you are?

Let’s face it: you’ve been through some difficult times and maybe you’re STILL currently overcoming some major obstacles in your life. I know how hopeless you can feel when you think you’re struggling through something very difficult, all alone, with little or no help. Sure, you can lean on your loved ones — but what if they’ve never been through anything like this before? Or, even worse, what if they’re not being supportive during your most difficult times? You might be wondering where that leaves you…

But you know what?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN handle anything life throws at you and how you WILL make it through this! cheerleader

This website tells my story of working through my own personal struggles with a rare immune disorder, years of chronic illness, multiple surgeries, countless hospital visits, tens of thousands of dollars of medical debt, and the anxiety, depression and crippling panic attacks that resulted. I’m not here to sugar coat things; it was very difficult for a few years. There were times I sincerely didn’t know if I would ever regain my quality of life. But I learned something very important:

We have the power to create our own happy endings in life.

You, my dear, are much more powerful than the hardships in your life. You are SO MUCH STRONGER than the limitations of your physical body! Sure, it’s tough to believe you’re strong when it feels like your body is failing you (I know from personal experience) or when your self-esteem is caving in (we’ve all been there) but you still have some level of control over your life. You are NOT your situation and you are MORE than the sum of your emotions. That’s right. Despite how you might feel, you always have power over your life, your body, your joy and your future. I may not have been through the exact same experiences or been diagnosed with the exact same health condition(s) as you, but I guarantee we’ve probably felt similar emotions.

This website is for anyone who…

…is ready to start loving life again, in spite of their troubles.
…wants to feel empowered and in control of their own joy and happiness. …wants to THRIVE in life despite living with chronic or long-term illness.
…wants to feel so amazing, wonderful, flawless and (ooh!) sexy that people will think you stepped right outta that Bruno Mars song.
…wants to overcome their self esteem and body image issues and make a vow to LOVE THEMSELVES again!

When you learn to love, trust and accept yourself, nothing (and I mean, NOTHING) can hold you back. And I promise you: the world CANNOT WAIT to meet your fierce, fabulous self! 

Holistic health tips for living with chronic illness, allergies, asthma or immune disorders.

Yoga, meditation and other therapies to soothe the mind and get you in touch with your spiritual side.

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