Major Announcement (Hint: It involves Yoga and the Beach)

Major Announcement (Hint: It involves Yoga and the Beach)

Major, major news today… After years of filling up my bucket list with life goals such as “go on a yoga retreat,” “do yoga on the beach” (yeah, I live in a landlocked state, y’all) and “become a certified yoga instructor” I have a big announcement to make.

I’m leaving TOMORROW to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. I’ve been awarded a scholarship to study yoga during a month-long teacher training immersion in Boca Raton, Florida. That’s right. I’ll be WALKING DISTANCE to the beach. I’ll be practicing yoga, ayurveda and meditation each and every day (surrounded by other like-minded folks who are doing the same thing). I’ll be eating fresh, healthy vegan meals. I’ll be soaking up the sun for an entire month (just as the weather turns cooler here in Kentucky). I’ll be living and breathing this stuff, aaaaaand I’ll be hopefully certified to teach yoga when I return.

Wow. Seeing that in writing is crazy.

Even crazier?

This new chapter of my life starts in 24 hours.

So, I really was on the fence about whether or not to announce that here on my blog. I mean, this is 2014 and technically, if I wanted to, I could continue just scheduling blog posts and social media updates. You’d never really HAVE to know I was gone.

But I want to be transparent. I want you to know what’s up (because hopefully, this yoga and self care stuff interests you, too). And, most importantly, I’m just wayyyyy too flippin’ excited to keep this a secret any longer.

Here’s a photo I snapped of Ella the Wonder Pug last night while I was packing my suitcase. (Side note: Have you ever tried packing a suitcase for an entire month?! Gah, there is sooo much you have to think about…)

Ella Pug

It’s almost as if Ella is looking at me and asking: “Can I come wifz you, Mommy?”
(D’awww, I really, really wish she could!!)

The toughest part of this journey will be leaving the doggies and the boyfriend at home, but I know this opportunity may never happen for me again. I have to take this chance while I still can. Like other times in my life when I’ve taken the leap, I’m trusting myself to make the right decision for my own future. And trusting my intuition is right and that good things will come from this experience.

I’ll be gone for a month but I won’t be M.I.A. In fact, I CANNOT WAIT to share this experience with you! For updates from my trip (including beach photos, tropical sunsets, meditations, palm trees, more beach photos, yoga, and beach photos) follow me on Twitter and Instagram or like the official Catching My Breath Facebook page.

Here’s to new adventures and hopefully, new ways of healing my body, mind and soul!



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