I believe…

— we are not defined by our feelings, our circumstances, or the labels that society chooses to place upon us

— we are so much bigger than the limitations of our finances, our physical bodies, our current conditions, our family situations or our geographic locations

— that the universe is an abundant place and that each of us has an innate power to manifest what we want in life

— that you can THRIVE with chronic illness, rather than merely living or surviving with it

— that the only thing we need to experience abundance, limitless dreams and endless joy in life is a positive attitude and a desire to not let anything hold us back

— that we can all learn to radiate love for ourselves and others

— that comfort zones destroy the extraordinary

I want to live in a world where…

— all women learn to tap into their divine feminine power and step outside of the traditional gender-specific roles that society has placed upon us

— instead of running from problems in fear, we as humans embrace change and uncertainty because we know we possess the inner strength to get through anything life throws at us

— the human race is not divided by skin color, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnic background, or cultural barriers but instead is united as a group of global citizens sharing compassion, empathy and love for each other


Here’s what I know for sure…

— Love, compassion, empathy and caring are what sets the human race apart from the rest of the animal kingdom

— This planet is too gorgeous and our lives are too short not to spend as much time as possible seeing as much of the world as we can

— Through adversity, we gain the clarity to pinpoint exactly what we want out of life and the strength to bring our dreams and ambitions to fruition

— When you’re a wise old woman (or man) reflecting back upon this journey we call a lifetime, you won’t wish you’d wasted more time laying in your bed and surfing Facebook. Instead, you’ll wish you’d spent more time outside in the sunshine, hugging the people you love, laughing at the subtle joys of life’s smallest everyday moments, and cherishing whatever time you have left.

— The older you get, the more comfortable you become in your own skin — and the less you care about social standards, stigmas, stereotypes or what others think of you

— Life’s too short to spend sick and tired of being sick and tired

— Whatever you spend today doing, you’ll want to make sure it’s important to you. After all, you’ve wasted a day of your life doing it!

— Every single person who intimidates you is made up of 65% water. And so are you.

— Everything is serendipitous.

Eat cake for dinner. In bed, if you want.

When you were a child, all the adults could tell you no. But now? You’re a grown ass woman who can think for herself. Life’s too short not to savor each delicious moment, so go on. Make your own decisions. Dance, if you wanna dance. Listen to your favorite doo-wop song, back to back on repeat all damned day, if that’s what you want. Sing along at the top of your lungs, even if you’re completely tone deaf (bad karaoke singers unite, woop! woop!). And, of course, go ahead and EAT THAT DAMN CAKE, girl, if that’s what will make you happy right this second. Go on and get you some! (Cake, that is…) After all, who’s gonna stop you?

And one final note for your continued success…

Breathe. Laugh. Explore. Repeat.