Oprah's advice for handling negativity

Oprah's advice for handling negativity

I love Oprah. I really do. But who doesn’t? Anyway… Oprah Winfrey offers the best advice in the history of EVER for how to handle negativity from other people.

Oprah’s Advice for Handling Negativity

Sometimes you have to (lovingly) divorce your friends and divorce your family members. You must set boundaries by saying, “I will not allow you to treat me this way. When you come to your senses, you can come back into my life.

Healthy Boundaries

According to the book Boundaries and Relationships by Charles Whitfield MD, healthy boundaries are NOT:

  1. Set for us by others
  2. Hurtful or harmful
  3. Controlling or manipulative
  4. Invasive or dominating
  5. Rigid and immovable

Healthy boundaries ARE:

  1. present
  2. appropriate
  3. clear
  4. firm
  5. protective
  6. flexible
  7. receptive
  8. determined by us, ourselves

How Boundaries Reduce Negativity

When you start being the power in your life, pushing for your own well-being and treating yourself with love and respect, you will not allow others to give you anything less. And, fittingly, you will radiate love and respect for others as well. The relationships in your life will work themselves out.

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